About the author

Revati Laul is an Indian journalist with 20 years of experience. Her primary work has been in the area of violence and conflict. She began her career as a television journalist with India’s best known English language tv channel – NDTV in 1996. Her best work there included investigative stories and features from India’s conflict with Pakistan in Kargil, Nepal in the grip of a Maoist insurgency and as the channel’s Gujarat correspondent the year after the 2002 genocide. Revati has since then done independent projects from Afghanistan, and a high risk undercover report on the genocide against Tamils in Sri Lanka for the news magazine Tehelka. She began work on `The Anatomy Of Hate’ in January 2015. Here are links to some of Revati Laul’s past work, in video and in print.

  • A piece on what the regime change in India looked like after the 2014 general elections in India


  • A piece on the political legacy thirty years on, of the Sikh militancy in India, led by its leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale until his killing in 1984


  • An undercover report looking at the continuing genocide against Sri Lanka’s Tamils



  • Running On Empty – A news documentary tracking truck drivers lives of terror and treachery as they are chased by armed insurgents, the police and corrupt administration, and attempts to ask the question – is this the backbone of India’s new and shining economy?